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5 de Junio de 2013 en novatadas, vida colegial


Dear Sr,

We informed you about the No-hazing Manifesto:

From the Council of the Association of Residence Halls of Spain we express our concern about unacceptable events such as hazing. We realize that is a problem for which eradication is essential for parents and the various educational institutions. Faced with a problem of this severity the Halls managers want to manifest:

  1. The students of a Mayor to be distinguished for their effort, maturity, cultural concern, altruism and helping behavior. But never for mock, humiliate, insult and abuse others, violating the dignity and integrity of the weakest and also laugh and enjoy it.
  2. Hazing is distinguished by:
    1. physical or psychological coercion to prevent the exercise of freedom;
      interest in establishing a hierarchy between those who impose and those who suffer, breaking the principle of equality  even it is for a short period of time.
    2. Hazing is framed in a context of silence and secrecy. There is a code of silence among students. There are hardly any complaints, because there is fear on the part of those who suffer from being excluded and marginalized.
  3. We reject the two most common arguments that attempt to legitimate college hazing:
    1. "Innocent jokes are essential for the integration of newcomers." This statement is inadmissible as bearing them cannot be a condition for entry. The integration of the new can and should be no need for this type of acts that often humiliate the person.
    2. "Tradition is indispensable to preserve and transmit the collegial spirit" It is false. The elimination of hazing improves the quality of human relationships between residents. Not to mention the loss of time involved.
  4. Alcohol, too present among youth, power behaviors. Hazing develop in many cases as part of the "bottles" that happen outside of our residence halls. Given this reality is beyond us, we need the cooperation of other civic bodies.

For all these reasons, we need the collaboration of institutions of higher education, parents, Universities, Public and private entities in the implementation of initiatives to prevent such attitudes and behaviors among university students to defend and adequately protect victims of hazing, by providing the necessary tools for your attention at all levels that are required.


The Management Team

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