The Colegio Mayor Vedruna

We are a Colegio Mayor for women, attached to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, near Ciudad Universitaria..

Dedicated for 50 years to sharing life with young university women who are studying in Madrid. Embracing, caring and educating in the values of Saint Joaquina de Vedruna who said:

“Everything by love, nothing by force” and “joy is the main virtue”

Shall we call you?


    • Comprehensive training

      Encouraging the development of all skills and competences of the students.

    • Pastoral

      Spaces to continue growing in faith and solidarity as believing women.

    • Direction of studies

      Specific program to enhance personal and academic development and capacities.

    • Mentoring

      Some third year residents accompany young women in their first moments in the Colegio Mayor, easing their welcome and integration.

    • No hazing

      Commitment to guarantee an environment of coexistence, affection and integration.

    CM Vedruna 50 años

    We have made a video for you to get to know our Colegio Mayor.

    Watch the video


    “The Colegio Mayor Vedruna is, in addition to an accommodation for students in Madrid, the place where to live the university life in Family. The community of Carmelitas de la Caridad Vedruna who share the day to day with us, makes us feel at home despite the distance. It is the perfect place to live the university years in coexistence with other girls from different parts of Spain (and sometimes from all over the world), with a great atmosphere of study and also with a lot of joy.”


    “As a former schoolgirl I can only have wonderful memories. I value the atmosphere, facilities, discipline, services, etc. very much. It is a good choice for any college girl who besides studying hard, wants to spend very happy days there and make friends forever.”

    Mar Gutierrez

    This year at the vedruna has been one of my best experiences. all the love and affection received from the schoolgirls and the team has really made me feel at home.


    I am sure that my stage in the CM will be one of the best of my life. The schoolgirls and all the CM people are already part of my family


    We are very close to your university

    Universidad Complutense:
    Facultades: (15’) (15’)

    Universidad Politécnica:
    Facultades: (15’) (15’)

    Universidad CEU San Pablo:
    Campus de Montepríncipe: (25’)


    Universidad Pontificia Comillas:
    Sede ICAI, ICADE (25’) (15’)
    Sede CIHS (45’)

    Universidad Carlos III:
    Campus de Getafe + (50’)
    Campus de Leganés + (50’)

    Universidad Rey Juan Carlos:
    Campus de Vicálvaro (45’)

    Universidad Autónoma(40’)

    Universidad Francisco de Vitoria(40’)

    Madrid downtown:
    Sol (15’)
    Moncloa (15’)
    Atocha (35’)