Every year we look for new trainings to offer to the residents, and thus be able to complement their university studies. In Colegio Mayor Vedruna we believe that the development of personal and interpersonal skills is very important, as well as self-knowledge. For this reason, we facilitate these trainings during both semesters so that they serve the young women in their future work and life.

Some of our trainings are:

  • Study techniques workshop.
  • Protocol workshop.
  • Assertiveness workshop.
  • Gathering about experiences in international volunteering.
  • Employment counseling workshop.
  • Entrepreneurship workshop.

Note: In some cases, Universidad Complutense of Madrid accepts the validation of ECTS credits thanks to the trainings Colegio Mayor Vedruna offers.


In Colegio Mayor Vedruna we offer Oratory and Debate as an annual activity. Together with our colleagues of Colegio Mayor Jaime del Amo we have created a debate group led by Javier Alberite, who is a great reference in the university debating scene. During the 2018-2019 academic course we took part in seven university debate tournaments, of which we won one (SEPI Debate Tournament).

This activity helps the students develop and improve their communication, expression and public speaking skills. In addition, it promotes management skills, teamwork and critical thinking.


We have a wide bibliographic collection that can help you in your studies. Consult the CM Vedruna bibliographic collection in PDF.

“Attending this gathering has helped me to realize that I chose the right career.”


“The workshops have helped me to positively face new experiences, both for myself and for others.”