We offer the opportunity to practice different sport activities, because we believe exercising contributes to physical and psychological well-being, as well as to the development of many skills, such as cooperation, partnership, improvement, effort, teamwork, sportsmanship, and healthy competition. Furthermore, our teams participate in different intercollegiate tournaments throughout the course. Some of the activities are:

  • GAP: Tonifying sport to build the muscles and improve their effectiveness and endurance.
  • Zumba: Which combines Latin dance with intervals and resistance training, for a rhythmic training of the whole body with a constant high impact rhythm.
  • Indoor Football and Volleyball: All team sports help the development of cooperation and companionship. Participating in tournaments also encourages effort, sportsmanship, and healthy competition.
  • Sevillanas: A couple dance to improve body coordination, memory and dexterity in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

“Vedruna offers us many activities in which I participate with great pleasure, such as the basketball team that has allowed me to create another circle of friendships.”