What differentiates us

We share some common values with the Colegios Mayores del Consejo Nacional de CCMM (National Council of Colegios Mayores) that we want to develop with our residents, such as teamwork, commitment, equal opportunities, etc. But, in addition, Colegio Mayor Vedruna is characterized by:


“The training sessions I have received have helped me to reflect on myself and what I really want to achieve. ” (María)

At Colegio Mayor Vedruna we strive for the personal development of all our residents.
We offer a space where residents can choose between different training sessions in generic skills, and thus promote that they themselves be the engine that generates their learning.

To learn about the activities of the training area, go to “Intellectual Dimension” .


“Let us not stop, let us fly to the highest mountain!” (Sta. Joaquina de Vedruna)

We offer spaces, places and ways to our residents to continue growing as young women of their faith, as well as a close companionship and an integral formation. Through different solidarity and faith proposals, we want to support the option of peace, justice and the integrity of creation, as well as favoring that each one can embrace their vocation.

We do this through an itinerary with different proposals to be able to delve into the life of each and every one of our residents, and learn from the service to others. In collaboration with the Joint Pastoral of other Colegios Mayores and with the Vedruna Pastoral.

To get to know the activities in the pastoral area, go to “Spiritual Dimension”.

Tutoring and coaching

To accompany our young residents and to promote their growth and knowledge, personal values, inner solidity, ability to resist, consistency, and capability to succeed, Colegio Mayor Vedruna offers a great space for tutoring and coaching. For the residents, the meetings with their tutors serve a purpose which is to talk about the experience they are having academically or personally, as well as to reflect on the possible changes they need to make to be able to always find a way to keep improving.

Also, all of the residents who wish it have the opportunity of a coaching session. This is a process dedicated to learn what impulses us to modify habits and actions to create a new perspective on how to change those things if needed, or how to continue with them. Some benefits of tutoring and counseling sessions are:

- Implementing motivation to study.
- Bettering our capability to organize.
- Development of creativity/flexibility/prioritization.
- Positive thinking.
- Problem solving skills improvement.
- Improving communication.


I wish you the best at the beginning of this new stage, that you be yourselves and that you take advantage of the opportunity to live in a Colegio Mayor. Here you have a mentor for whatever you may need, but you also have a friend. A friend who is willing to enjoy, by your side, this new life you are embarking upon. (Elena)

At Colegio Mayor Vedruna we promote the integration of new residents through the mentoring program. Residents in their third year of university, with experience and commitment to the Mayor, offer themselves to welcome a group of new residents with similar careers and thus be able to accompany them in their first days of university life. This relationship allows for the integration of all newcomers, and in addition, favors the strengthening of relations between residents of different years, creating a beautiful family atmosphere.

NO Hazing

Coexistence, tolerance and mutual respect are values that students consider should govern their university and professional life. However, we are aware that the reality of some young people in their early days at university does not always meet their expectations in the face of the threat of hazing. These are acts, supposedly of integration, that the veteran residents infringe on those newly incorporated, and which present two characteristic features: they establish a hierarchy, and impose conducts without any type of reciprocity. They are acts, therefore, in which for mere amusement, at least two rights of the person such as equality and freedom are temporarily suspended.

It is for this reason that Colegio Mayor Vedruna prohibits hazing and educates each generation of students not to participate in any way in this vulneration of rights. At Colegio Mayor Vedruna we want to live and share with adult women, who are responsible, peaceful and just, who defend and care for all equally.

This moves us to ask all students to sign a written commitment not to perform these acts. Carrying them out can lead to expulsion from the Colegio Mayor, which can be final.

We trust in each one for the creation of a safe space of integration, familiarity and affection between all.

Ideology and history

At Colegio Mayor Vedruna we have been accompanying and sharing life with young university students for more than 50 years. We do it according to the dream of Saint Joaquina de Vedruna, mother, founder and teacher.

At Colegio Mayor we share the passion to live committed to reality and to be meaningful in our world through effort, perseverance and commitment. Together with our residents, we want responsibility, affection and joy to be our core values. We also try to create the family atmosphere that Joaquina wanted for all of her communities, now spread across three continents.

Colegio Mayor Vedruna is Embrace, Family and a place of opportunities.