General information

In Colegio Mayor Vedruna we follow an educative style based on love, and believing in interpersonal skills. All of it in a familiar, simple, close and cheerful atmosphere. Our Colegio Mayor is formed, in addition to the students, by the Management and Educational Team, the Deanery, and the Collegiate Council. Together we try to favor the good development of daily life and respect for the rules of coexistence, so that we all feel the Colegio Mayor as our Home. All this is collected in the document “Internal Regime Regulation”.

The monthly fee for the 2023-24 academic year is 1.076€ (10% taxes not included). All students have a single room and full bathroom, WiFi, dining service (except Saturday dinner), washing of bedsheets and towels, bedroom cleanup, etc. These services and others can be found in the document “Economic Conditions”.