Closing of the 50th Anniversary Vedruna


On 30 September we brought to an end the events that have taken place on the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Mayor’s Day.
Welcome back!

Once again we opened the doors of our Hall of Residence to welcome so many women who had enjoyed their university years within these walls. There were lots of hugs, smiles, moments to share…

After the welcome coffee and the detail of our 50th Anniversary, took place the Assembly of the Association of Former Schoolgirls (if you want to be a member send an email to which already promotes various activities throughout the course and intends to continue growing, we even dream of collaborating with an international solidarity project!

Afterwards, we enjoyed a pleasant colloquium with some former schoolgirls who spoke to us about overcoming, fulfilling dreams, perseverance, effort, faith and teamwork. Thanks to each one of them!

Finally, we had the presence of D. Carlos Osoro to preside the Eucharist of thanksgiving for all these years of dedication to the young university students.
The meal in the garden was a reflection of the good atmosphere, of the good time we had together and of how proud we were to say: I AM VEDRUNA.

See you at the 75th Anniversary!

If you want to download all the pictures of that day click HERE..