Debate: What has CM meant in your life?


We sat at the table a Planeta Prize winner, a designer and entrepreneur, a Member of Parliament and a Lieutenant Colonel Army doctor to tell us about their time at their Colegios Mayores during their time as students.

Thanks to the Asociación de Antiguas Colegialas Vedruna we were able to welcome four personalities on 7 March: Mariló Domínguez (designer and entrepreneur), Marta Presa (Lieutenant Colonel Army doctor), Javier Sierra (writer Planeta Award) and Juan Andrés Torres (deputy). All of them shared their past as Colegiales Mayores of different schools.

With them we were able to remember our years lived as Vedruna Schoolgirls (for those of us who have already left) and also to thank for all the opportunities that these spaces provide.

They all spoke of values, of friends, of the richness of meeting so many different people, of personal growth, of challenges and adventures lived.

What is clear to us is that our time at the Colegio Mayor defines us and helps us to focus our lives, and how much we have to thank our families for giving us this opportunity, and all the people who shared this stage with us for contributing to what we are now!